Monday, December 3, 2012


70 degree weather in December?  Yes, please!
The boys had great fun jumping in puddles today.
In shorts and t-shirts.
In December.
 (Grandma, I let them open up their new rain boots before Christmas.  Sorry!  I had no choice.  The streets were SCREAMING puddle jumpin'!)
And they had fun splashing in the back of dad's truck.

Oh how I love these boys!

Make sure to check out my girlier post below :)

I'm Dreamin...

of a PINK Christmas!

A dear friend gave Allie this adorable pink Christmas tree last year when she was still nestled all snug in my womb. I couldn't wait to break it out this year!
I'm definitely taking it easy on Christmas decorations this year.  
Too much going on this year with three destructive kids, Christmas, basketball, and our upcoming trip to Hawaii.  
We do have a real, GREEN, Christmas tree though.
I will post pictures of her later.

Back to pink--both Allie and Mommy enjoy the extra bright night light in her room.
Especially during those late-night feedings (which are becoming way too frequent these days.  ugh!)

Happy Monday!