Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life’s Happenings

This week is absolutely crazy.  We have 4 games in 5 days.  I am hosting 2 get-togethers.  And oh yeah, we have 3 kids.
Basketball season gets underway tonight.  We are looking forward to cheering on our favorite team!  Wish me luck as I juggle 3 kids during the game!
Greg and I went on a breakfast date this morning.  It was great.
I was sick last week (and I mean SICK!).  Got me thinking how thankful I am for my health and the health of those I love.  Also reminded me how thankful I am for medicine and an amazing doctor.
Allie is waking up twice a night but I don’t mind.   I treasure the quiet time I get with her—even if it’s at 2 a.m. 
My parents and grandma are coming for Thanksgiving this year.  I am ecstatic! 
It’s easy to let the chaos of busy children and busy schedules pull a marriage apart.   Greg and I have chosen to let it draw us closer together.  I am so thankful for a husband who has had my back like crazy lately.
We went to a comedy show on Saturday night with friends.  It was a great night of fun and laughter.

Don't you just love this Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim set?  They remind me of home.

 Boys have been playing really well together lately.  Here they are playing "store".  Notice Will's Coach change purse?  And notice he is buying 2 gourds?  

 Sweet baby girl is 5 1/2 months old.  We just adore her.

 Remember how I mentioned that the boys have been playing really well together?  Well they've been fighting like crazy too!  Here is a fat lip to prove it. 
Have a great day, blog friends!