Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Hi there.
It seems like all of a sudden life got busy.  Reeeeal busy.
Preschool, basketball practice, choir,  MOPS, late recruiting nights, cooking (oh, the cooking!), laundry, etc.  It seems like we are booked almost every day of the week.
And where on earth did September go?  Can’t believe it’s the 2nd of October already!
Little missy fell asleep while Dad showered the other day.  I thought it was the cutest thing.  Don't you?  

Dad usually has bedtime duty.  I love love love how happy the boys are when they are with their daddy.  Plus it gives me a much needed break at that hour.
Plus Cold Case usually comes on then :)

Big brother Will is quite rough and wild, but is super attentive to his little sister’s needs.  He is always trying to comfort her with blankets, dolls, toys, and yes, even tries to feed her sometimes :/  
She is very well brother protected.

 Our little pumpkin is now 4 1/2 months old and as sweet as ever! 
 Have a great Wednesday!


Beth said...

Cute, cute, cute!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

She is your TWIN!!!!! Love her. And love Will taking care of her. So cute :)

Kelley said...

I have the cutest nieces and nephews! love them all!