Saturday, June 23, 2012

Forever and Ever, Amen!

Today was a good day.  
Forget good.
 Today was a great day.
It was great from beginning to end.  
It was spontaneous.  
It was fun-filled.  
It was sweet.  
It was refreshing.

I kicked off the day by an early morning wake up call from Allie.  Usually I am not fond of early morning wake up calls but since this was the one and only wake up call I got in the night, that meant 9+ straight hours of sleep for this mama.  Score!
Before I could talk myself out of it, I dressed and headed to the gym.  Again, typically not fond of the gym in general, but I was kid-free and had a very good play list on my itunes.  Again, score!
Came home to a big ole omelet and potatoes courtesy of the hubs. 
Next we spontaneously planned a trip to Indianapolis for the Indy Air Show.
We showered, got ready, and packed the five (wow!  still getting used to that... five!) of us up in the mini-van and heading south for the day!
We stopped at a berry farm where we enjoyed a family picnic and shopped at their old-fashioned general store (Dad, this store reminded me of you!).  
We then headed to the air show.  
There was tons to do for kids and they had an absolute ball.  
The show was absolutely amazing and we were truly astounded by the planes, pilots, and their tricks.
The Thunderbirds were a crowd favorite!
We also appreciated the patriotic element to the show

Afterward, we headed to a local pizza joint for dinner.
Then on to ice cream for dessert. 
Headed home.  Gave kids baths.  Read books.  Older two conked out.
Enjoyed some good conversation with my hubby on the back patio as we listened to classic country music.  Randy Travis's "Forever and Ever, Amen", anyone?  
Rocked our sweet Allie to bed.  I rocked her longer than normal tonight.  Didn't want to let her go.
I am now exhausted but loved every minute of today.
Forever and ever, Amen!


Boswell said...

Love this post!! Where did you go for pizza? I am curious ;)

Renee said...

YAY! So glad you had a great day. I love when a day just goes SO well :) Sounds like you're adjusting well to being a family of 5!!