Monday, April 16, 2012

William Hugh is Two!

Blurry picture, I know, but is this not one of the sweetest faces you've ever laid eyes on?
We love our Will-boy so much.
Even when he bites.
And growls.
And acts very very naughty.
We wouldn't trade the little booger and his wild personality for anything!
Have I mentioned that he is 2 now???
Yup, he turned 2 while we were at Nationals in Branson, MO.
Poor kid didn't even get a cake.
We promised him the bash of a lifetime for his third birthday.
We couldn't love you more, WIlliam Hugh!

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The Richards Family said...

hi AMY,
Please forgive me for not following your blog recently, including my own. I hope to get back into the swing of things but don't count on it. I love the pink background by the way. I cannot wait to see this little girl of yours!! FINALLY another girl cousin! YEA!! You look great. Take care,