Monday, April 30, 2012

One week and counting...

Have to make this update short and sweet.
Mama has a never-ending to-do list that seems to be growing instead of shrinking.
Let's see, where should I begin?
My due date is officially one week from today.  
I think it's safe to say that we are ready for baby when she is!
Boys are officially moved in together and sharing a room (quite well to our surprise!)
Closets are cleaned out.
House has been (somewhat) de-junked.
Nursery is ready.
Now if we could only decide on a name.
And my hormones could settle down a bit...
Here are a few random pics of the last couple weeks.
Jace has been extremely sweet lately.  
It helps me get through these loooooong days!
 And this little guy melts my heart!  Love to see him change daily!
 J has been Mr. Independent lately which includes choosing his own clothes and multiple wardrobe changes a day.  : /
 Love peaking in the baby's closet and seeing this :)  Thanks to my sisters for providing our baby with an entire wardrobe!
 Yes, I am that HUGE!
 Ready to be a big bro! 
Happy Monday, friends!

Monday, April 16, 2012

William Hugh is Two!

Blurry picture, I know, but is this not one of the sweetest faces you've ever laid eyes on?
We love our Will-boy so much.
Even when he bites.
And growls.
And acts very very naughty.
We wouldn't trade the little booger and his wild personality for anything!
Have I mentioned that he is 2 now???
Yup, he turned 2 while we were at Nationals in Branson, MO.
Poor kid didn't even get a cake.
We promised him the bash of a lifetime for his third birthday.
We couldn't love you more, WIlliam Hugh!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vacation Debate

Greg and I have been at odds lately.
Not over anything important.
Over vacationing.
He wants our family vacations to include a tent, no electricity, and lots of bugs.
I, on the other hand, want ours to include sand, an ocean, and lots of fruity drinks.
I say he's a a stubborn midwesterner.
He says I'm an east coast snob.
So, I told him the only way I'd spend a vacation in a tent is if it looked like this...
And his rebuttal was that he wouldn't spend a week on a beach unless it looked like this...

I think we can come up with a happy medium here.
I have my hands full with this country boy...
MY country boy! :)

Speaking of country boys, here are mine all clean and spiffy, reading to celebrate Easter!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Mine is full of organizing to make room for this little baby that is about to enter our family in a few short weeks.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Coach and I recently enjoyed a 5 day/4 night getaway to San Francisco!
I haven't told you the best part--just the TWO of us!
And though we enjoyed the absence of the diaper bag and avoiding the kid's menu at all restaurants, we were anxious to return home to our boys!
They had an absolute blast while we were gone and barely knew we were gone!
However, we were greeted at the door with smiles and LOTS of hugs and kisses.
It was definitely a sweet homecoming.

A friend once shared this quote with me and I am often reminded of it as we raise our family,
"The days are long, but the years are short."