Friday, March 9, 2012


Here is the picture of the bump at 32 weeks.
Love when I get comments like,
"Girl, you look like your going to pop any day!"
Or another popular one,
"Holy cow, are those twins in there?"

Umm... thanks for the kind words, people, but only ONE baby and I have TWO whole months left!

Basketball is officially over.
Now we can start getting ready for baby's arrival.
First thing on the agenda--paint baby's nursery.
Will post pictures of my baby boy nursery turning girl when it's done!


Christy and Drew said...

ummm... not possible. I saw the picture and thought "you are all baby!" You don't even have the prego booty!!! You look amazing! Can't wait to see pics.

Ben Jamieson said...

i love how jace's shirt is tucked in. thats baller.

Aunt LoLo said...

Noyce booty. Surrrriously.

Rachel said...

you look fantastic! :) i think you look just the right size.

Holls said...

You look great Amy!!! Can't wait to see the new little one :)

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Love your belly and love that little girl inside!! Can't wait to meet her! Love you all. TT

Paul Kieffer said...

Looks like a future daughter's older-brother-to-be has a never-ending basketball season. :-)

stacydh said...

you look amazing.
you are TINY especially when you compare you belly to my DD who had her first in December. I will send you a photo if you want me to. :)

L,P+B Penziol said...

Amy you look so cute!!