Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Jace had his first visit to the dentist this morning.
He went along with Dad to warm him up to the idea of going.
But we have the BEST dentist and she offered to take a look at him right then and there.
The child LOVED it.

He let the hygienist clean his teeth for about 15 minutes and then even received a fluoride treatment!
Notice his security blankie basketball next to him?
Weird child!
We love our weird, basketball-addicted, clean-teethed boy!


Erica and Nate said...

i love the basketball beside him. so cute

Kathy Tonagel said...

Oh that is so darn cute! He was brave!!

Boswell said...

I used to love my dentist when I was a kid. He would give me quarters when I was Jace's age and then when I got older, he would give me golf balls (I played golf on the HS team). He was very cool and his secretary was neat as well. Goes a long way in not making kids afraid of the dentist. Yeah for Jace in conquering his fear before he even knew he had one!

Ben Jamieson said...

this might be the cutest thing ive ever seen

Christy and Drew said...

I love the safety basketball!!!! So cute!

Rachel said...

Amazing! I hope Christian does that well--- whenever I finally get around to taking him. :)