Friday, January 13, 2012

Pantry Organization!

Since Will and Jace don't exactly make ball games relaxing for me, I've opted out of most of our away games this season.
I'm hoping to get back to my super-fan status for the remainder of the season by not missing any more games.
I am thankful, however, that we get to listen in on the radio and follow the Wildcats through various local radio stations.
So what do I do, you ask, while listening to the games?
(Besides the obvious pacing, yelling, nail-biting, and occasional cursing?)
I get organized!
My pantry was a complete disaster!
It was messy, disorganized, and I honestly wasn't sure what I had stocked (or living) in there!
Perfect stress reliever while listening to the game: Clean out the pantry!

I got busy.
I emptied.
I cleaned.
I purged.
I organized.
And I re-loaded our food back into our pantry.
Ahh. What a great feeling!
I know the picture doesn't look that drastic but BELIEVE ME, it is!

Some things I learned about myself during this process...

1. I love chips.
I already knew this about myself but I wasn't sure to what extent.
Here's the proof.
I am a salty girl (always have been) and this goes to show that I need some serious help.
Five bags of chips for a family of 4.
2. Stop buying BBQ sauce!
It is not secret that we love BBQ (heck, I'm married to Mr. Meat Smoker Extraordinaire!) but this just seems a little excessive.
And on top of this, there were three opened bottles in the fridge!
Note to self: Stop buying BBQ sauce for the next few months.
3. Stop going to Tastefully Simple Parties and buying beer bread.
Apparently I need to stock up on some brewskis and get busy bread makin'!
These are value packs (3 in each) so this makes 9 loaves of beer bread.
Hello carbs, we meet again!
I know my pantry organization probably isn't exactly the most interesting blog material but that's about as exciting as we get 'round here these days.
Now go organize something that needs it in YOUR home!
Holla back, friends!


Beth said...

You have inspired me! My pantry looks like a complete crap hole. I will get on this same project soon!

Kathy Tonagel said...

I'll take some of that beer bread off your hands...

Holly Daly said...

Just did this and discovered I apparently have a craving for Indian food that I never make???
And beer bread sounds great...maybe I'll need to buy some of those mixes as well!

Jill and Darren said...

1. I'm jeal you have a pantry; 2. how do you have time to do this stuff? can you come organize my closet? 3. Gates-- yum!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani & Matt said...

I just did the same thing the other day. I was shocked at how much stuff was in there and how much room I had once I was done cleaning out. Feels great to look in a pretty, well organized pantry doesn't it?