Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Update

Here's a quick update on what's been going on here.
The boys were sick last week.
They spent lots of time on the couch while I washed a record number of laundry loads.
They are extremely energetic boys so for them to lay still on the couch meant something was seriously wrong.
Here are a few pics from our "sick days".
Notice the bowl next to him?
I'll spare you the details.

Thankfully the bug only lasted two days or so and they gained their full energy back in no-time!
I, on the other hand, could stand an extended break from laundry/cleaning duties.
They made a full recovery just in time for a mini snow storm.
After 48 hours of cleaning, washing, disinfecting, and kid-neglecting, I decided to throw my "to-do" list out the window on Friday and devote the entire day to my kiddos.
We has so much fun!
We went sledding (picture this: Me pulling Jace and Will on the sled in our FLAT backyard. Jace hollering the whole time, "Faster, Mom! Faster!" It was quite the workout!)
Drank lots of hot chocolate.
We colored and painted.
Went "diving" (Piled every pillow in the house on the floor as boys jumped off the bed).
I had fun watching the boys get along (Hallelujah!) and use their imaginations.
Here are a few pictures of the boys bundled up ready to play in the snow!

And thawing out (back) on the couch with some hot chocolate!

It's nap time at our house and I think I might join 'em today.
This preggo mama is pooped!
Happy Monday, friends!


Jill and Darren said...


Rachel said...

Oh my. Will is so big! Kudos to you for pulling them around the backyard....yikes, I might pull a muscle if I tried that. On another note, Christian told me if we have a boy, he wants to name it Jace (or Kaykay?!?!?). We miss you and would love to skype sometime!

Erica and Nate said...

You are a good mom, and the boys are adorable as usual. I love the ones with the hot chocolate!

Kelley said...

Yay! Glad to read a new post! The boys look so cute! And I laughed at the thought of poor preggo u pulling the boys sled in the FLAT backyard! Lol

Joel/Mal and Troy/Meg said...

I SERIOUSLY wish I could have seen you pulling them around in the backyard on the sled. Ha, I can picture it already :)