Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Scream!

I scream!
You scream!
We all scream...
For ice scream!
Well, ice cream has officially become one of the major food groups in our home.
It has become Baby #3's food of choice.
Mint chocolate chip, por favor.
I am typically more of a salty person, but I can't get enough of the sweet stuff!
Not something I will be boasting about when I'm trying to get in my Hawaii-bod shape for next winter.
Did I mention we are going to Hawaii???
With 7 month old baby and all! Yikes!
Happy day to you!


Beth said...

If you need a tag-along nanny, just let me know... :)

a.tonagel said...

what Hawaii??? ugh.. not jealous. nope.

Jill and Darren said...

Fly me out to HI and I'll babysit! xo

Becky said...

you won't regret the hawaii trip, promise! and do you know what you are having?? hope you are feeling well. may will be here before you know it!