Thursday, December 29, 2011


Have you ever cried for no reason?
Yup, that was me last night!
Had myself in a full-out blubbering cry but never could quite pin-point the reason.
Ehh, I think I'll blame it on the pregnancy and my volatile hormones.
Someone please tell me you've been there!

I can't believe that my baby boy will be a big brother in a few short months!
He loves babies, despite his aggressive and wild nature.
While I am sad that he will no longer be my youngest, I can't wait to see him embrace the role of big bro!

Come to think of it, maybe this was the reason for all my tears.
Time is going way too fast.
My babies are becoming boys before my very own eyes.
And that's just a little too much for this mama to handle.
Love our boys so much!


Beth said...

Will looks so contemplative in the bottom picture. Love it. Eat some pizza. That always makes me feel better... :) Love ya friend!

Christy and Drew said...

You are not alone friend! You have every right to blame it on the pregnancy! And on being a mommy of two with so much going on in your life! I am so excited for you guys to have a little girl. They are the best!

Christy and Drew said...

okay, maybe not the best (because I don't have boys to compare a girl to), but you are going to love having a sweet little girl.