Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Cards!

Can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
Which means that Christmas will be here shortly thereafter!
Which also means that I better get my Christmas cards ordered!

I'm thinking our Christmas card will look something like this...

I will keep the inside a surprise :)
I liked the simplicity of this card.
And I wanted a card that incorporated a little red from the boys' shirts. :)
It allows me to put a picture on the outside, several on the inside, and one on the back :)
It also has room for a short message.
Years ago I started quoting lyrics from my favorite Christmas songs on our family Christmas card. And this year will be no different!
I can't wait to get these addressed and mailed.
I also can't wait to carry on old family traditions and start new ones with my little family this year.
I'm off to fine-tune our cards and get them ordered so I can get these puppies out before Christmas :)
Hope you are gearing up for the holidays at your home!
Thank you, Amanda from a.tonagel photography for taking our family pictures :)