Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We headed to the pumpkin patch last week.
Just the three of us.
We usually make this an annual family outing, but since Greg's season seems to have snuck up on us rather quickly and our schedule has filled up with other things, we had to put the pumpkin patch on the back burner this year.
It actually worked out perfect. This way, we were able to go during the week and hardly had to compete with other kids to do the fun stuff! For example, there was a 10-minute limit on this awesome kid-energy-burner-thingy, but there was no one waiting in line so my kids got to jump for an hour straight (a mother's dream, right?).
We had a picnic, went on a couple tractor rides, jumped, fed donkeys and goats, enjoyed some pumpkin goodies, and finally, chose FIVE pumpkins to bring home.

A great time was had by all!
And as a bonus, they both passed out on the way home.
A rarity these days!
Love fall! Don't love that winter is coming! :(

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