Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun and Frosties!

Have I mentioned that we have a live-in nanny?
Ok, not exactly a live-in nanny.
One of Greg's former student-managers is now an assistant coach for us and is living in our basement.
It has worked out great so far!
He's super easy to have around, he's clean and organized, AND he is beyond good with the boys!
He babysits one night a week for us so we can go out.
On Friday night he voluntarily took the boys golfing and to Wendy's for frosties.
They had an absolute blast.
I got to stay home for a couple hours and enjoy the quiet.
I had a blast too. :)

Could he take a bigger bite?
And Ethan himself wondering why I was snapping a picture of him.
Thanks "Uncle E" for being so fun to have around!


Rachel said...

I suppose you're trying to make the rest of us mamas jealous? (oh wait, I sorta have a live-in babysitter too...guess I can't talk!). :)

Joel/Mal and Troy/Meg said...

Ethan is bomb!! Tell him to come take Troy and I out for Frosties too! So glad he is there so you can get a much deserved break little mama :)

Beth said...

Thanks for making me want a frosty now. Thanks.

Beth said...

If this were facebook, I would "like" your comment.