Friday, October 21, 2011

Brownies and flashlights!

Made brownies with the boys last night.
Obviously I let them lick the bowl.
And I may have had a few licks myself.

I didn't even tell them to hug.
I said "Ok boys, look at me and say 'brownies'!"
Jace looked at me and yelled "Brownies and flashlights!"
Thanks for the flashlights, Papa Hughie.

I'm off to make the boys some pancakes.
We do it up real healthy 'round here.


Ben Jamieson said...

Did Will-Boy get any brownie in his mouth? Cant wait til RYan can meet his cousins!

Jill and Darren said...

Too cute!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

makes me laugh. you're a good mommy. :)

Megan Tonagel said...

Is that kind of like the comment recently "A baby and I have nipples!" :)