Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brian Regan

Went to the Brian Regan comedy show a couple of weeks ago with this awesome couple.
It was a blast.
We ate at an Irish Pub in South Bend and walked straight over to the theatre.
We laughed so hard we cried!
We especially loved the material on marriage and children.
So funny and so true!
If you haven't checked out Brian Regan, you should!
He's goofy, hilarious and clean!
What else could you ask for in a comedian?


Rachel said...

Don't even get me started. I'm so mad we were there too...and could've shared dinner with you too...and could've seen each other...and blah blah blah. Next time you're in the area, you BETTER call me! (hee hee)

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

I am such a horrible wife for not even posting about Jeff's wonderful surprise. Thanks for doing what I should have been doing :) I really loved that evening and it was fun to share it with you guys! I think that night is what started baby boy on late night aerobics. He definitely got a workout during the show with all of my laughing. love ya!