Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date Night

Got to go on a date with this hunk and two great friends Friday night. Haven't laughed that hard in a looooong time!
Love date nights with my hubby!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Like father, like son.
And another :)
Oh, and I won't forget about you, little brother.
Enjoy the weekend, friends!
Apparently, we'll be busy doing lots of man-stuff!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Boys!

Allow me to brag for a minute on my two little ones!

I cannot believe how fast these little guys are growing.
Will is FULL of personality! He knows what he wants and isn't willing to wait long before he gets it. We are working on that one!
He says new words and sounds everyday.
His vocabulary isn't quite as up to par as his older brother's (at age 18 months) but what else would you expect from a second child? :)
Will is a ball of energy and brings us so much joy!
We love our Will-boy so much!

Jace is an awesome kid. He is always surprising us with his knowledge and vocabulary.
He has the biggest personality and absolutely loves attention (especially from the ball players)! He has his naughty moments, don't get me wrong, but for the most part we can count on him to do the right thing. He's a sweet boy!
He's showing off his new "Woody jammies". Thanks, Aunt JJ!

Hope you are having a blessed week!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday. Jace!

We had a BLAST celebrating Jace's 3rd birthday on September 11th.
Appropriately, we celebrated in Red, White, and Blue style.
Jace loved all the attention, goodies, and friends & family who came out to celebrate with him. Greg and I appreciated having everyone there too!

Here is a little recap in pictures of the day.
The forecast had been calling for rain and thunderstorms ALL week.
It was supposed to start at 1 pm and rain into the evening.
We had nothing but sunshine.
I was SO thankful.
Here are some of the decorations for the par-tay.
American flag cupcakes

Dad and Jeff going over some basketball notes/scheduling at the party.
Tisk tisk, boys.
No working at the party!
A couple of the Tonagel cousins.
Best friend, Josh Clark.
The moment he's been waiting for--cake time!
Make a wish!
Dig in!
Jace wants to be just like Daddy.
He wants to look like him, act like him, dress like him.
So naturally, when he discovered that Dad wore a watch, he wanted one too!
Friends, Jeff and Tiff got him this awesome sports watch.
He loved it (and still does, he hasn't taken it off since!)
This was from Greg and me--a new bike! He has been riding a little Radio Flyer bike that he had outgrown months ago. We thought it was time to retire the Radio Flyer bike and pass it on to little brother. Will was thrilled! And Jace was thrilled to have a new "big boy" bike!

So sad that my baby will never be 2 again. Ahhh... they grow so fast! Sniff sniff!
And a family pic to finish off the wonderful evening.
Thanks all for helping to make our boy's birthday so special!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rough livin'

These two have it rough.
They get to lay around naked all day long.
Looking cute as a button.
Laughing and giggling with their brother.
Poor kids.