Saturday, August 20, 2011


What does a coach, coach's wife, and 2 sons do on a Saturday morning you ask?
We freeze corn, duh!
Greg and I did this a few years ago and loved having yummy, sweet corn during the winter months.
We decided to make a morning of it (and let me assure you, a whole morning it took)!
Our family inspired our sudden pioneer-ness when they froze 108 ears of corn!
Two blisters, an achey back, and a whole Saturday morning later...
There you have it! Corn to last our family all winter!

The boys had a ball playing in the corn's ice bath!
Oh we also gave canning a whirl last night and made Red Pepper Jalapeno Jam.
Mmm... combine that with cream cheese on a cracker and you've got yourself a treat!
I'm off to kick my feet up for a bit before my little pioneer babies wake up from their naps!
Happy weekend to you, friends!


Erica and Nate said...

That is a lot of corn! Give me some tips on freezing corn...anything other than cooking, cutting it off the cob, bagging, and then freezing?

Team Tonagel said...

Shuck, boil, ice bath, cut, bag, freeze! It took about two hours and definitely required some work but we will be thankful come this winter! Let me know if you decide to do it. I can give you the step-by-step!

Beth said...

My mom makes a pepper chutney that sounds a lot like your jam. Great with cream cheese! Fun!

Kathy Tonagel said...

Now you have to give us your jam when you come visit! We'll exchange it for Papa Hughie's strawberry jam.

Rachel said...

oh i long for days of pioneer-ess events. so glad to talk AND see you tonight! :)

Megan Tonagel said...

Is this what happens when you move to Indiana? Please tell me I never have to shuck that many ears of corn—yowza!