Sunday, July 10, 2011


I know, I know. This update is long overdue! With the combination of a busy summer and a broken camera, my blog updates haven't been as frequent as I would like them.
A few weeks ago we went camping as a family. Ok, for all you REAL campers, it was cabin camping. The only way to camp in my opinion. :)
The boys did great. They loved it. By the time we convinced Jace that we were outdoorsy camping and NOT basketball camping, he was able to relax a little :)
Here's is a little re-cap of our trip. All of the pictures were taken with our cell phones :/
It was nice to have a getaway with my family where we weren't surrounded my noise--ya know like cell phones, internet, TV, etc...? We were all alone with no distractions. Well, except the raccoon that paid us a visit at night.
Here is our fancy shmancy cabin. 2 sets of bunks beds. Two electric outlets. One table. One light. It was perfect!
One of my favorite things about camping--the man does the cooking! Greg made us the most bomb meals!
This little munchkin enjoyed climbing whatever he could find.
And this one couldn't get enough bike rides!
And this mama couldn't get enough of her little boys!
We were able to squeeze in some serious snuggle time.
And of course lots of wrestling!
And more wrestling...

We all had a really GREAT time. We are already talking about going back before the summer is over!
Hope you get a chance to block out the noise and spend some time with your family this summer.

Bye friends!


Rachel said...

OO I like your new blog header! Camping is so brave... this looks like fun! Wrestling on a wood floor, however, does not! Thanks for the camping idea!--- now just have to convince the hubby. Yeeeah.

Cindi Boardman said...

Two things Amy...first, where is this campground?
Second, you have posted in the past about a pumpkin patch you go to, where is that? We've been on the search for the best one and haven't been able to find one yet...

Erica and Nate said...

this looks like so much fun...where did you go?