Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I always struggle with gift ideas for Greg's birthday since his numero uno hobby is hunting and I know nothing about it! Since Marion doesn't have much but a Big R, Lowes, and bike shop (the only stores that sell "man stuff"), my options were limited. And I wasn't exactly up for dragging my two boys out of town on a shopping spree. I wound up at Lowes in the outdoor grilling aisle. Perfect, the man loves to cook and loves to eat even more. A new grill set will do just fine. When suddenly Jace spotted something down the aisle from where we were standing. He said "Mommy, look, look. Look, look. (He tends to be extremely repetitive until I affirm him) Fire is hock (hot)!" Bingo! A firepit. We have the perfect backyard for a good ol' late-night fire. You're a genius, son!
Give me s'more of that!
Jace LOVES roasting marshmallows!
But Mr. Independent prefers to do it all by himself.
Here we are bundled up at the end of April (yes I said the END of April) enjoying some s'mores with our best friends. What could be better?
Two of my favorite people. Ever. In the whole world. Love 'em!
And my birthday boy. Love you lots, Coach!
.3 more days until the mini marathon! Hopefully all my s'more consumption as of late will not slow me down too much. And if it does, it was worth it!

Bye friends!


Sarah Westfall said...

Good luck on the mini! I did it last year and wish I had done it again. However, I don't think my spring would have afforded me the training time. You can do it! Hope it's great weather for you.

PS: Loved your "Gleek" comment on my blog. I'm actually headed downstairs to watch an Episode of Glee from Season 1 on Netflix right now. :)

Joel/Mal and Troy/Meg said...

Two questions... When did Marion get a Big R, and what the heck is a Big R?

You look SO cute in these pictures. I want to hang out with you and Tiff!

Erica and Nate said...

Looks like fun! Smores are the best! Good luck in the mini!