Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Park Day

Here are the boys after a couple hours at the park. It is H-O-T outside today!
Which means that I have to wear clothes that show more skin.
Which makes me regret the extra helping of potato chips I had with my lunch.
Which makes me want to go shopping.
Which makes Greg not happy.

Anyway. Back to the boys...

The best part about the weather turning nice is that the boys get to play outside.
Which means that they wear themselves out.
Which means that they sleep well.
Which means that I have more time to myself.
Which means I have more time to waste and I blog more.
See, it's a win/win/win!

Bye friends!


Megan said...

No back up... Let's talk more about shopping!

Beth said...

Those red-faced cheeks are so cute! It was a humid one today!

Auntie JJ said...

Haha they look pooped! Little will is getting so big! I need to see him soon before he's all grown up!!!

dianne and bob said...

Love watching the boys grow up!

Rachel said...

Love park days!