Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I was treated to a big, sugary, yummy, cranberry muffin and freshly brewed coffee in bed on Sunday morning--Mother's Day.
We had a nice, relaxed, family day at home.
Well, as relaxing as it can be with two boys ages 1 and 2!
Greg was on top of ALL the daily house work and I appreciated his heart and effort so much. The boys gave me a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers.
I love my 3 boys so much!

Mr. Droopy Eyes wasn't feeling too hot over the weekend :(
The only plus--more snuggle time for me!
He is finally on the mend.
Thank you, Jesus!
Love this baby.
And these are random but wanted to share them too--Jace joined me grocery shopping this morning.
Our local grocery store has these adorable "Customer in Training", kid-size shopping carts and Jace had so much fun!
With the exception of ramming the cart into the back of my foot on several occasions, it was pretty fun watching him "shop".
Love this big baby!

That's all!
Bye friends!

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Rachel said...

Aw man, Christian would love those little carts! So fun! You're a beautiful mama!