Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nike's and Hawks

I realized I hadn't posted any updated pictures of the boys in ages! Sadly today was the first day I got my camera out in ages. So here are a few I took today.
Will is still more concerned with using the camera as a chew toy than letting his mama snap a few shots of him. I'm not kidding, all of his pictures involve drool hanging from his chin and his arms opened wide, begging for the camera. Come on, Will! Work with yo' mama here!
Jace on the other hand, knows how to work the camera!
Greg got the boys new shoes last week. It's like their thing. They always go shoe shopping together. He got both boys new Nike sandals and these sweet babies for Jace. Get this, they only look like they tie. They actually velcro. How sweet is that?!
I asked Jace to model them for me and this is what he did.
Ok. So maybe he's not the next Vanna White but he can make any pair of shoes look cute. My only question.... why do all my shoes come from Payless and my 2-year old sports Nikes? Not fair!
Will reminds me of Greg more and more each day. He is just the most fun, adventurous little guy. I can't resist styling his hair in a little faux hawk. So darn cute!
That's all. We aren't the most exciting bunch. Just new Nike's and faux hawks.
Bye friends!


Joel/Mal and Troy/Meg said...

We need to move away from Payless and towards, oh I don't know, any other store! Oh only kidding, I used to buy from Payless with you back in the day. And you aren't on a shopping budget girl, go to Nordstrom!

bjamieson said...

B! those kicks are off the chain!! oh my goodness that kid is cool. love you guys!