Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mr. Teddy

I love this picture.
Not because he is lounging on the couch in his swimming trunks when it's unseasonably cold and rainy out.

And not because he has his beloved basketball sitting next to him either.

It's because he is hugging his bear.

But not just any bear. This bear.
His daddy's bear when he was a kid.

His name is Mr. Teddy Bear (clever!). And Mr. Teddy Bear makes him happy.

And when he's happy, I'm happy.


Auntie JJ said...

Aw, I miss him and will every day! love you guys!

Kathy Tonagel said...

Aww, love it.

Joel said...

ohhh my gosh, i just got the biggest smile on my face! that is just precious! i love him and miss him so much!

Becky said...

we're all about "clever" names as well. remember our birds we had growing up. they were ALL named pete. ya, not creative! i love how mr. teddy bear is his daddy's. makes it all that more special.
we need to catch up soon! perhaps this week?!!?

bjamieson said...

i had a fish named "bag" once. remember bag b? he was cool