Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Rain puts me in the mood for comfort food. What's one of my favorite comfort foods you ask? Soup! And since this has been the rainiest April in the history of Aprils (ok, maybe not), I have been craving lots of soup! One of my all time favorites is Potato Corn Chowder. My mom made this for us growing up and would sometimes add clams, but I prefer the less fishy approach. If you are wanting to enjoy a cozy, rainy evening with your family, make this recipe. You will not be disappointed!

Here's the crew:
butter - 4 tbsp. or so
flour - 3 heaping tbsp. or so
onion - 1 medium size
chicken broth - 2-32 oz. cartons
potatoes (red skin or idaho) - 4 cups or so (are you seeing a theme here? I am definitely a dumper)
half and half - until desired color - maybe 1 1/2 cups or so. maybe two :/
frozen corn

Ok. I know those measurements are all very vague but this is one of those recipes where it doesn't matter. you can't screw this recipe up. unless you forget the flour. or potatoes. or burn the milk. but trust me, you won't screw it up.

Here's what you do:
Finely chop onion. Dice potatoes (peel first if using idaho).
Saute chopped onion in melted butter in a large saucepan until translucent. Stir occasionally. Add flour a whisk until well combined (important). Add chicken broth. Turn up heat to medium-high and add cubed potatoes. Stir occasionally. I usually stir with a potato masher and mash the potatoes as they become tender to create a thicker consistency. Once potatoes are at desired consistency (soft!) turn down heat and add half and half until a nice cream color. Throw in some frozen corn. Add salt and pepper. Top with cheese and real bacon (please no bacon bits). I served this with BLT's (it was a bacon fiasco!) but it's definitely hearty enough to serve on it's own.
Oh and I usually have all of these ingredients on hand all the time so this is one of my emergency go-to meals.
Everyone loves this meal. Except for Jace. And Will. Stinkers.
Bon appetit!


On a less foodie note, why must we travel with 3+ balls everywhere we go? As if sleeping with them wasn't enough, we now have to travel with them?! Boys!

Notice the football in his right hand and the soccer ball sitting shotgun to his left? Will isn't quite as into the whole jock-thing like his big bro. He likes balls, don't get me wrong, but he can read a good book every now and again too.

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!
Oh and this little blondie really likes his oreos.
And puddle jumpin'. Loves his puddles.

One more thing... this desperate mama needs some advice on how to handle her 2 year old who feels the need to deck his younger brother every time they pass. Please advise!

Bye friends!


Rachel said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!--- Will looks like he's 3! haha... i can't believe what a big boy he's become.
I'll have to try your chowder.
Hmmm...maybe you should just start pushing Jace every time he walks by you. Think he'd get the point? hee hee

Renee said...

Amy - you seriously make me giggle every time I read your blog. And, I like Rachel's idea for Jace ;-)

Erin said...

Oh, these boys!

May I suggest "the uh-oh song"...

Big Bro hits Little Bro.
Mommy: (in a sing-song voice) uh-oh! how sad. looks like a little room time. [side note: grab his hand BEFORE you sing 'uh-oh' or soon he'll start running away when he hears it...)
Take him to his room (or somewhere you can contain him).
Mommy: Go ahead and have your fit, and feel free to join us when you're ready to be sweet. Take your time! (smile)
Let him have the fit he'll be throwing by then (close/lock the door if he won't stay in, make sure the room is safe first), let him calm down, then give him 3-4 minutes of being calm before you let him out. Then give him a big hug and kiss and go on with your day. :)
Make sure to be sad instead of angry. Repeat as needed with both kids for anything you don't like... hitting, biting, tantrums, throwing things, turning off the TV, peeing on Little Bro (oh, yes; it's been attempted here!). Soon they will hear you sing "uh-oh!" and knock off the behavior before they need to go to their rooms! (or playpens or strollers or the car or wherever they spend their incarcerations. ;))
Courtesy of the Love & Logic Institute! Enjoy! :)