Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Just another Friday in our house!

Does Will even flinch? He obviously isn't amused be his mama.

I have a birthday party to get ready for!!!

Happy Friday, friends!!


Rachel said...

These are SO fun!!! ...your guys are adorable. But you totally take the cake on ALL these pictures. :) You look so young in the last one.... miss ya!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

um....both of your boys hardly moved! Jace only looks different in one picture :) It appears that you are having the most fun! :) Can't wait to see you in a couple hours

Erica and Nate said...

these are so funny. i can't believe how will looks exactly the same in all of them and jace has the sweetest smile. hope the party was fun. happy bday to will!!

Megan said...

I cannot stop laughing! Will's face hahaha, oh man, I don't this he knows what is going on.

Becky said...

"does will even flinch?" ha, i absolutely LOVE your commentary!

but truth be told, aren't us moms usually the ones that have the most fun?