Thursday, March 24, 2011


We Tonagels can dream, can't we??

I'm off to have a kid-free night with some of my favorite gals!!!

Happy Thursday, friends!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Decorating Ideas!

I am hoping this spring we will finally be able to furnish our living room that has sat empty (with the exception of some odds and ends) for almost a year now. The room is big, has a lot of windows and natural light, and has a pretty, white fireplace smack dab in the middle of the room. I plan on getting a rug, couch, two chairs, coffee table, end tables, a couple of lamps, and a few decorative pieces to finish off the room. I have long, cream colored window treatments and a neutral green color on the walls. Here is what I am thinking for the room:

I'm typically drawn to the persian, traditional-looking rugs but I am trying expand my style a little bit and go a tad more modern. My mom found this rug and I love all the colors in it! PLUS, I like the dark brown and think it would create great contrast to the cream curtains and cream couch that I plan on getting.
I've always loved the slipcovered look. And I also really love white. Having kids, I obviously couldn't do this in our everyday, family room but think I can pull it off in the "formal" living room.
And of course we need some good lighting for those rainy days when I can curl up on the couch with some coffee and a good book (since I have SO many of those kinds of days)!! :)
And I liked this picture because 1) I like the bench/coffee table 2) I like the quilt hanging on the wall. For my birthday my mom and dad got me a BEAUTIFUL quilt that I plan on displaying in this room. And 3) I love all the colors with the white couch.
My mom and dad are also giving us 2 wicker chairs from their house that they no longer use. They don't look exactly like this but this was the only picture I could find.
Can't wait to get started on this!! Now if only my hubby were on board for all my big plans!

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was FULL of Madness!!!

Bye friends!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Baby

These pictures were taken one year ago today.
When he was just a wee little baby.
And these were taken today.

And somewhere along the road he turned into a big baby.
Can't believe my baby is this big!

Monday, March 7, 2011

William Hugh turns One!!

Check out our 1 year old!!! Love him more than words can say!

Big brother helped us wrap presents. "You mean these presents aren't for me?"

Big Brother Birthday hug!!!

I made a collage of Will's first year of life. He has changed SO much.
"CharSawy" came to celebrate! Jace gets so excited that he combines his cousins' names, Charlie and Sawyer, in to one name. Hah!
He was so-so on his cake. He liked amusing his buddy, Brooks by throwing cake more than he liked eating it. Boys!

And when Aunt Amanda set up this adorable back drop for his cake pictures he freaked out! He started shaking and wanted nothing to do with the cake. Poor bubby. So far he is scared of the vacuum, bathtub, and apparently cake. Ugh!
This is my favorite! Love.
And our attempt at a family picture at the end of the night. Of about 20 takes would you believe this is the best we got?

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby, William Hugh. Can't believe you came into this world one year ago! Our life has been better ever since!! Love you.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Just another Friday in our house!

Does Will even flinch? He obviously isn't amused be his mama.

I have a birthday party to get ready for!!!

Happy Friday, friends!!