Tuesday, February 22, 2011

William's Dedication

Our sweet William-boy, was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday at church. Greg and I wrote this letter to Will and read it aloud to him during the service.

William Hugh Tonagel,

You have been an incredible gift given to us by the Lord. What a privilege and responsibility that the Lord has chosen us to raise you. We recognize that you are His and ultimately you belong to Him. Today we stand before our family, friends and church body to dedicate you back to him.

Will, you have already shown to possess a persistent personality. Our prayer is that this quality will carry you through difficult times in your faith as you hold steadfast. Another quality we have witnessed is your tender loving heart. Our prayer is that you will allow Christ to mold and shape this heart, thus making the things of this world pale in comparison to the eternal treasures he has for you. Although you are second born and you tend to follow your brother in whatever he does, our prayer is that you will be leader amongst your peers. Among them may you stand up for truth while carrying a bold witness for Christ.

By word and example we will do our best to teach you the amazing gospel of God’s grace. Our home will be a Christ centered place where you will be encouraged to become the man of God that Jesus desires you to be. We will raise you in earnest prayer. His word will be a staple in our home. Our home will be a place of worship by the things we say, watch and do. Our church family will be an extension of our family to help us commit to these principles. Will, we love you so much and nothing could bring us more joy than to see you grow and develop into the man that God has intended you to be.


Mom and Dad


Joel/Mal & Troy/Meg said...

This letter makes me smile and tear up!!

Rachel said...

Oh what a precious letter!!! I feel like copying and pasting into my kid's journals as my note to them. :)

Joel/Mal & Troy/Meg said...

Amy, your letter was so well written and sweet!! Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

This is great. Congrats!

Becky said...

this is wonderful! what a great treasure for your little boy to read back and draw strength from.

Paul said...

"Nothing could bring us more joy than to see you grow and develop into the man that God has intended you to be." What a wonderful parental wish! May it come true for all your children.