Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pool/Gym Fun!

I am so thankful that we live just 3 1/2 miles from campus and have access to the university facilities, especially during these loooooong Indiana winters! We head up there a couple times a week to go swimming, run around the gym, eat lunch/dinner with Coach, or just walk around and let the college girls ooh and aah over my babies :) Sometimes the players ask to take the boys around. They say it's a sure fire way to pick up chicks! Hah!

Here, Jace and Coach were splashing around in the pool. Lucky for Jace, there was a b-ball hoop in the pool. Right up his alley! I thought he would be begging to go back to the pool, but it's not the water he remembered, but the hoop. Geez.
Coach showing off his mad skillz.

Now on to the gym.
Coach lowers the hoop for Jace and the height is just right for him. He shoots "3's" (aka 3 feet jumper), "free-throws" (aka 2 feet shot), lay-ups, and with a little help, slam-dunks!
Little brother enjoys the change of scenery too!
Jace ALWAYS puts up a fight when it's time to leave the gym. He flails his body and is completely out of control. It's no fun.
Will just learned to clap and cheers for big brother on the sidelines. Won't be long before he is practicing "3-pointers".
The Wildcats are still on their win streak and this guy has been working his tail off! It was our bye game this week so he has spent more time at home. Love when he's home more!
We are enjoying this mini, icy, blizzard! Hope you are too!

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Bye friends!


Auntie JJ said...

Looks fun! Can I move to Indiana? Hope Will is getting in on the pool action!

Joel/Mal & Troy/Meg said...

Haha I love how the hoop is 18 inches of the ground! Uncle Joel misses all his nephs. Can't wait til Jack is playing with them!

Joel/Mal & Troy/Meg said...

I absolutely love this post! I was just telling Joel today how I think it is so awesome that both Greg and Ben's boys will grow up with their dad working at a school! I loved having my dad at the high school and I have so many great memories of running around the baseball field and gym. Your boys will always remember times like these! You two are such great parents and I love seeing how much fun you have with your boys! Love you all!

CRJFamily said...

So fun! You'll have to let me know next time you take a trip to the gym! Jaron would LOVE it!!