Friday, February 25, 2011

Entryway Space

In an effort to de-clutter our entry way, we have been searching for the best way to organize our small entry space. We rarely use our front door, as I am sure is true for most people. We always come in through the garage door, which is connected to our breezeway/family room. Inconveniently, our hall/coat closet is on the other side of the house (near the front door) and we are stuck tossing our shoes in a laundry basket, throwing hats/gloves/scarves in a small wicker basket, and hanging our coats on an overflowing hall tree. Since our entry way is part of our family room (not separated by a wall, just separated by different flooring), we want to make is clean and organized, yet still functional. I found some examples by specifically searching for "small entryways" since that is what we are dealing with!

I really like this look but I am not sure if it's very functional. I like having a mirror there, which would come in handy when I walk out the door with my shirt inside out as I did yesterday. Oopsies. Love the craftsman-style bench! (Image from
This is cool and fun but not sure I could pull this look off. (Image from

This is more functional but I'm not crazy about the look. I like all the storage and think it would really do the de-clutter trick! (Image from
I love this look and think it would be great for my kids to be able to learn to hang up their coats/bags themselves. Right now, they can't reach the coat rack so they drop their coats on the middle of the floor when they walk in the house! (Image from think this is adorable. I love the low coat/bag hooks and again, think it would be great for my kids to have the responsibly of putting their own stuff away. I also love the big pictures with the matting above... very clean looking. I already have two small chairs so this would be pretty easy and do-able. (Image from pointers out there from someone who has transformed a small space into an entry way? Which look do you like??


a.tonagel said...

the first is the most formal looking which i think goes with the look of your house.

Kathy Tonagel said...

I would love to do something like that in my tiny entryway; people need a place to put their purses on, etc. when they come in and take their coats off. I love the idea of a small bench.

Holls said...

What about a combo of the 1st and 3rd? I def love the bench/storage in the 32d one and love the mirror of the 1st one. You could have coat hooks below the mirror. Let me know how it turns out!

Erin said...

We "organized" our mud/laundry room last winter and I tried to include a few things....

Coat racks the kids can reach (Jax now hangs up his own coat, cute!)

Shoe storage (I haaaaaate having shoes everywhere)

A shelf where we can throw the mail, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and all the other crap that seems to be in our hands when we enter the door

Baskets to keep stuff that we sometimes need when we are about to run out the door (diapers, sunscreen, play clothes for Jax to change into without running upstairs again)

It works pretty well, except that I don't go through all the stuff that accumulates on the shelf often enough.... but then I just close the door. :)

I think the second-to-last option you posted looks functional AND cute! :) Have fun!

Creatively Content said...

Hi there, just bummed into your blog because I am trying to do something with my small entry way. I have three kiddos and well you know all that STUFF that comes in the door needs a functional place. Thanks for the pics and ideas. It is helpful for me. I wish I could see your new entryway.