Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wild Thing!

Can't believe our baby will turn 1 in one week from today!!! CrAZy how fast time flies!!! Love our wild, biting, messy, on-the-go, persistent, loving, tender, baby boy!
I better start party planning!
Bye friends!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Entryway Space

In an effort to de-clutter our entry way, we have been searching for the best way to organize our small entry space. We rarely use our front door, as I am sure is true for most people. We always come in through the garage door, which is connected to our breezeway/family room. Inconveniently, our hall/coat closet is on the other side of the house (near the front door) and we are stuck tossing our shoes in a laundry basket, throwing hats/gloves/scarves in a small wicker basket, and hanging our coats on an overflowing hall tree. Since our entry way is part of our family room (not separated by a wall, just separated by different flooring), we want to make is clean and organized, yet still functional. I found some examples by specifically searching for "small entryways" since that is what we are dealing with!

I really like this look but I am not sure if it's very functional. I like having a mirror there, which would come in handy when I walk out the door with my shirt inside out as I did yesterday. Oopsies. Love the craftsman-style bench! (Image from
This is cool and fun but not sure I could pull this look off. (Image from

This is more functional but I'm not crazy about the look. I like all the storage and think it would really do the de-clutter trick! (Image from
I love this look and think it would be great for my kids to be able to learn to hang up their coats/bags themselves. Right now, they can't reach the coat rack so they drop their coats on the middle of the floor when they walk in the house! (Image from think this is adorable. I love the low coat/bag hooks and again, think it would be great for my kids to have the responsibly of putting their own stuff away. I also love the big pictures with the matting above... very clean looking. I already have two small chairs so this would be pretty easy and do-able. (Image from pointers out there from someone who has transformed a small space into an entry way? Which look do you like??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

William's Dedication

Our sweet William-boy, was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday at church. Greg and I wrote this letter to Will and read it aloud to him during the service.

William Hugh Tonagel,

You have been an incredible gift given to us by the Lord. What a privilege and responsibility that the Lord has chosen us to raise you. We recognize that you are His and ultimately you belong to Him. Today we stand before our family, friends and church body to dedicate you back to him.

Will, you have already shown to possess a persistent personality. Our prayer is that this quality will carry you through difficult times in your faith as you hold steadfast. Another quality we have witnessed is your tender loving heart. Our prayer is that you will allow Christ to mold and shape this heart, thus making the things of this world pale in comparison to the eternal treasures he has for you. Although you are second born and you tend to follow your brother in whatever he does, our prayer is that you will be leader amongst your peers. Among them may you stand up for truth while carrying a bold witness for Christ.

By word and example we will do our best to teach you the amazing gospel of God’s grace. Our home will be a Christ centered place where you will be encouraged to become the man of God that Jesus desires you to be. We will raise you in earnest prayer. His word will be a staple in our home. Our home will be a place of worship by the things we say, watch and do. Our church family will be an extension of our family to help us commit to these principles. Will, we love you so much and nothing could bring us more joy than to see you grow and develop into the man that God has intended you to be.


Mom and Dad

Friday, February 18, 2011

IWU Men's Basketball Retro Night

Should I be embarrassed that this is my husband?

You have to hand it to him--he wants to win BAD!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know this is a horrible, blurry picture, with a bad background and toys all over the floor, but I wanted to post a picture of me with my Valentine. We got a sitter, and enjoyed a nice, quiet evening out. Just the two of us. Listening to country music in his pick-up truck. Telling old stories. Telling new stories. And laughing. We had a great time.


I heard two prayers today that I thought were worth sharing.
First, overheard Greg praying with Will before his dinner. It went something like this,
"Jesus, thank you for this day, thanks for this food, and help Will not to be a whiney little baby anymore. Amen."
I burst out laughing around the corner because it has been one of those days.
Jace sat down a few minutes later. We usually eat as a family, but like I said, it's been one of those days. So, we staggered our mealtime today. His prayer was a "God our Father/Where is Thumbkin Medley" and it went like this,
"God our Father, God our Father,
How are you today sir, very well I thank you,
Amen, Amen!"

And while most days I feel like I could lose it at any minute, I am thankful for this blessed life!
Can I get an Amen???

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sickness seems to be lingering at the Tonagel household. It's always one of us, and right now, it's me, daggonit! Both boys have suffered a great deal of sickness this winter, and I'm sick of it!

Here are just a few pictures of the past week.

Will was just not himself last week. I snapped a picture here, just gazing at the TV, because this is SO unlike him. He is Mr. Mobile and loves to be on the go. He rarely stops going. Even for Elmo. And, well, I think it's cute how his arm is resting on the couch.

Jace had a fever four days in a row. Again, snapped a picture of this because it is SO not him! He never falls asleep on the couch (or anywhere, really, that's not his bed). And yes, if you look closely, you will see leftover lunch still on his face. Hey, I have enough surfaces to wipe (counters, butts, faces) that I do miss this once in a while.

This face may look sweet but he has been rather devil-ish lately.
Oh and I realized why Will is crying in every picture. He loves to eat my camera (that is slowly breaking thanks to my youngest)! Once he lays eyes on that camera, he wants it! And he will whine, fuss, kick, scream until he gets it. Can you say strong WILL? I did manage to get this one of a half smile/cry just before he let me have it.
And let the temper tantrums begin...

Ok. Totally boring post, I know, but I needed something to stall me from the long to-do list hanging on my fridge.

Love my boys, despite my rather negative commentary today. Moms are allowed to have days like this, right??

Bye friends!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

11 Months

We were so frustrated with being house-bound for so long that Greg and I bundled the boys up, took them out in the middle of the blizzard, and pulled them around in the sled. We decided to head back inside when we started getting pelted by giant ice-hail.
Oh, and happy 11 months old to this happy little guy :) He hasn't been feeling too hot lately. This is pretty much the face he makes most of the day. Hope his face doesn't get stuck like this!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

(Not) Picture Perfect

Will, look here!

Now Jace, look at mommy!

Ok. So not picture perfect but it will do. Love these three!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pool/Gym Fun!

I am so thankful that we live just 3 1/2 miles from campus and have access to the university facilities, especially during these loooooong Indiana winters! We head up there a couple times a week to go swimming, run around the gym, eat lunch/dinner with Coach, or just walk around and let the college girls ooh and aah over my babies :) Sometimes the players ask to take the boys around. They say it's a sure fire way to pick up chicks! Hah!

Here, Jace and Coach were splashing around in the pool. Lucky for Jace, there was a b-ball hoop in the pool. Right up his alley! I thought he would be begging to go back to the pool, but it's not the water he remembered, but the hoop. Geez.
Coach showing off his mad skillz.

Now on to the gym.
Coach lowers the hoop for Jace and the height is just right for him. He shoots "3's" (aka 3 feet jumper), "free-throws" (aka 2 feet shot), lay-ups, and with a little help, slam-dunks!
Little brother enjoys the change of scenery too!
Jace ALWAYS puts up a fight when it's time to leave the gym. He flails his body and is completely out of control. It's no fun.
Will just learned to clap and cheers for big brother on the sidelines. Won't be long before he is practicing "3-pointers".
The Wildcats are still on their win streak and this guy has been working his tail off! It was our bye game this week so he has spent more time at home. Love when he's home more!
We are enjoying this mini, icy, blizzard! Hope you are too!

One more thing, I added the "Followers" gadget at the right side of my blog. Follow me!!

Bye friends!