Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carry You

My boys and I participated in the celebration of our church's Sanctity of Life service this morning. The song "I Will Carry You" played as we crossed the church platform, carrying a rose, representing the year we were born, and all the babies taken through abortion that year. It was an incredibly moving experience and I urge you to listen to the song below.
This song was written by a mother who carried her baby full term, though she didn't know if she would survive even a breath or a few minutes outside the womb. The song is accompanied by pictures of the months before her delivery (they took her to Disney World!) and the moments after she was born. I admire their joy and courage so much! If you have some time (and some tissues), I recommend clicking here to read about their journey and their courageous story of faith.

Hope you spend some time today reflecting on how precious life is!

-Team Tonagel

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dianne and bob said...

Thank you for the tissue warning.... I have seen my cousin's family experience this... it is heartbreaking and yet an amazing task God gives.... I have been thinking and praying for the Westphal family all day long.... knowing that their story is unfolding.... please, keep us posted...