Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bath Time

We have fun during bath time at our house!
First we get 'em nice and dirty! I am guessing we had spaghetti that night for dinner. Apparently, Jace excused himself from the table without being wiped down first.
Bath time includes a little brotherly love.
Then moves on to a game of "who can open their mouth wider".
Will wins!
Some plain goofiness!
And some not-so brotherly love.
Watch out, lil' bro!
I just adore these two little goof balls. Couldn't imagine life without 'em!
Disclaimer: Warning. Thick layer of soap scum on the shower tiles. Yikes.
These two have really started to interact lately. This has been fun for Greg and I to watch. Can't wait to see their friendship grow!

Have a great weekend, friends!


Rachel said...

What fun fun fun! Your editing of the "unmentionables" is superb. :) My kiddos are interacting these same ways, makes ya smile doesn't it!

Rachel said...

How fun! Your editing of the unmentionables is superb! :) My kiddos are interacting the same ways, makes ya smile doesn't it! (This may show up twice, not sure if it went through the first time).

Beth said...

Love the one where Jace looks like he is playing Godzilla over Will. Too cute!

Megan said...

I am sitting at work right now, trying so stifle my laugher... Those were hilarious!