Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutterfly Promo

Wow. Where did the time go? It seemed like just yesterday that William was born, followed by a crazy summer and my baby boy turning two. Then is was the start to another school year and a new basketball season. Now, it's Thanksgiving week which means the start to holiday shopping and time to write/address Christmas cards! I love creating a family card of our own but also LOVE receiving cards (especially photo cards) in the mail. Lucky for me this year, my mail slot empties right into our foyer so I don't even have to bundle up in the cold to get my fun mail goodies!

So who do I like to turn to when it's time to create my family photo card? Shutterfly! They have a great selection for various needs/occasions and often run amazing deals and specials that make choosing them a no-brainer. When I am NOT feeling ambitious and not up to creating a crafty invite/thank-you of my own I always turn to Shutterfly. So this year for Christmas, I plan to do the same thing! I love their Christmas selection and especially the 5X7 folded cards! I haven't decided which card is calling our family's name but this one looks cutesy and I also like this more classic look! I also like this one and appreciate it's Christian affiliation. I went with this card last year and loved how simple it was! Wow, so many great options, I better get deciding! If you are a blogger and want to take advantage of another wonderful Shutterfly offer, click here to read details on receiving 50 free Christmas cards of your own!

Looking forward to our Thanksgiving celebration this year. We are so blessed and have SO much to be thankful for.

I am off to make homemade dinner rolls, cranberry relish, and a family favorite, rutabaga for our Thanksgiving meal. Yum!

Be thankful, friends!

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Auntie JJ said...

so.... you want us to send you a christmas card? I guess you probably want a bday card too? love you. xo