Saturday, October 23, 2010


We just love our

football playin'...
big smilin'...
"Up to no good" lookin'...
Camera hoggin'...
Side-ways hat wearin'...
Tractor lovin'...
Country boy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you like seafood?

See, food! :)

Happy Friday, friends!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pink bows and little toes!

My sister and niece are here!

First off, how beautiful is my sister?

Second, I adore my niece! She is so petite and so sweet! I love holding a baby in pink!

Jace and Will are having fun with their new cousin. So far, Jace has tackled her and Will has sat on her. Oh, and Jace keeps calling her "sister". Trying to tell me something, son???

Will is obsessed with her hair bow!

Did I mention my baby is practically crawling?
LOVE Morgan's Ugg Boots! She's such a stylin' 6 week old!
I love her baby sounds!
And I can't get enough of this little turkey!

Oh, and I love this little monkey too!
Bye friends!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Swing Batta Batta

As you may know, Jace love sports.... all sports! His creativity includes, but is not limited to, sticks as bats/clubs, melons as soccer balls, and socks as basketballs. He has quite the imagination and can turn just about anything in to a basketball, soccer ball, golf club, or baseball bat. Here he is with the classic wiffle ball bat.
He really got his imagination flowing when he he turned this toilet bowl brush into a golf club. Don't worry blog peeps, it was new(sorry about the blurry pic)!

And some bubbles into a baseball bat (please disregard the unfolded laundry on the floor)!
Oh sweet William, I won't forget you! We had a little incident a few weeks ago that involved me carrying in groceries, an unstrapped baby in a swing, and a black eye. So sorry, baby! He was a trooper through it all! And he is all better now!
Look at my two sweet babies enjoying the nice brisk fall weather!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did!

Bye friends!