Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love these little munchkins more and more everyday.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canton Crew

One of my favorite cousins came to visit last weekend. We had the best time just chatting and catching up. We could easily stay up all night talking! I just love her!

Here, Erin and Seth are loving on their second cousin!
Here is the whole crew. She has Erin, 11, Ryan, 10, Seth, 8, and Drew, 3. It was fun having so many kids hanging around the house! We made a trip to Marion's waterpark to keep the kiddos busy. Jace was SO sad to see them go (especially Erin, he LOVED Erin)!
Thanks, Molly for making the trip. We want you to come back already!
I'm outtie!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Daddy!

I love my babies' daddy!
Holla, friends!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We had a really great time on our trip to Ohio for a cousins wedding. Both my sisters and parents made the trek to the midwest for the celebration.

My Aunt Mary has a big Fourth of July bash each year. Here Jace is anticipating the big corn hole tourney. Greg came home with the trophy and I was runner-up last year. Can you tell I am proud of my accomplishment? I wasn't quite as accomplished as Greg was in his younger years so let me just soak this one up, OK?!
Here are some pictures of the wedding reception. Lauren and Ben only have roughly 7 weeks left before their baby girl will be born. I can't wait to meet my niece, Morgan!
Jill and Darren traveled all the way from Hoboken, NJ for a quick visit.
The girls got to snuggle their nephews while I dominated the Electric Slide on the dance floor.
Jace enjoyed being serenaded by Uncle Darren on the dance floor.
Jace wanted to dance the whole night. Let me rephrase that, Jace wanted us to dance while holding him the whole night. It was exhausting! The kid is not a feather. Poor Lauren (7 1/2 months pregnant--you can't tell by looking at her) was stuck holding him most of the night. Thanks, Aunt Lolo. Jace left the reception screaming "I dance, Mommy, I dance!"
My beautiful sisters and cousins.
Love them!
Love them too!
The next time I see these amazing people will be at my big brother's wedding in Newport--can't wait!

Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July!