Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hey all! Here's my attempt to get you caught up on the happenin's at our house.

We continue to make strides in getting settled to our new digs. Slowly but surely we will get all unpacked. Jace is pictured below playing the guitar, of course!
I love when I get alone time with Will. It is few and far between but I do cherish it!
Jace got his second haircut. I love it.

I tried to take his pajama shirt off but he refused. He loves Elmo. What kid doesn't?!
I am taking a business statistics class that is kicking my butt and interfering with my play time (that includes watching the Bachelorette--probably a good thing but still sad. Cape Cod Chris and Roberto are my favs if you were wondering). I hate numbers.
Jace hearts popsicles.

We peaked in at Jace in the nursery on Sunday and saw that Jace had convinced the nursery worker to be a basketball hoop and was shooting baskets into his "hoop" over and over again. Classic.
Will is getting teeth. Not fair. Not fun. Too young (hey, that rhymes).
We are training for a sprint triathalon coming up in August. I am scared out of my mind but also looking forward to the challenge and experience. Training has been good--painful, but good. I figured I would post my intentions of doing the triathalon on this blog for the whole world to read (since the whole world does read my blog) so I couldn't easily back out when the race actually rolls around. So far I can hardly do any one event on it's own. In just 5 weeks I will have to do all three continuously. Lord, help me. Maybe I will get an award for worst time? Or maybe for biggest postpartum belly?
Greg took last week off and we enjoyed having him home. He was a great help to me and I am sad that July is right around the corner (crazy busy recruiting month). Greg did a TON of yard work. Our landscaping looks BEA-U-TI-FUL!
I wish these little boogers would stop growing so fast. I am crazy about them!
Will is now 3 1/2 months old. He is rolling over and just started giggling!
Happy Monday!

Bye friends!


a.tonagel said...

Thanks for spoiling the end!!!! ugh! What does "I hate numbers" mean????
Also, what is Jace doing to his pants in one of those pics???? hmmm...
Don't worry you will still beat me in the bike and run. I will try not to swim over you. :)

Team Tonagel said...

"I hate numbers" means I hate statistics. And just because I like (maybe love) Cape Cod Chris and Roberto doesn't mean they go all the way.

Auntie Jill said...

Great pics! I can't WAIT to see those guys! i love how jace's tongue is blue in that second to last pic!!!!!!!!

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

This was SOO enjoyable to read. :) You're quite the talented little blogger! (and I'm shamed that I haven't written on mine in over a month.. eeek)

Megan said...

First of all, I love Roberto too Amy!!!

Second, the picture of Jace standing next to the couch (a little blurry) looks so much to me like Troy when we was little!

Third, you will kill in that tri! When you are FORCED to do all three at once you will be entirely surprised at your abilities. And hey, at least we will be together!!

Beth said...

Loved this post. Good stuff. I rode 15 miles yesterday...not on my own volition, but that is a story for another day. Happy training!

Joel said...

That show is pollution for your brain! Anyways...I can't wait to see Jace and Will in a few weeks! Tell them Unc Joel misses 'em.