Thursday, April 8, 2010


My apologies for not updating the blog sooner. I have been a little busy! We had a sick boy on our hands last week and he kept me busy with his clinginess, cleaning up some sort of bodily function, and all the extra laundry from those bodily functions. We are on the other end of it and I am so thankful! Whew, we survived!
Here is Greg on one of the most CHAOTIC nights we have experienced as parents. Picture this, lots and lots of vomit, diarrhea, screaming babies, and a dad reading incredibly loud to drown out the screaming babies. I went from sobbing to hysterically laughing in seconds!
Nana to the rescue! She came and lent me some help with the boys and housework. I think she did 10 loads of laundry while she was here. Thanks Nana!

We headed to LaPorte for Easter. We enjoyed a nice worship service and got some relaxation time in. Here is Papa flying a kite with Jace.

Happy 30th Birthday to the best husband and dad I know! We celebrated in the morning by doing a little shopping and going to a root beer stand for lunch (not a good place to go if you are trying to lose that extra baby weight). We had so much fun! Later that night we had our friends Jeff and Tiff over for a steak dinner (delicious!) and strawberry shortcake (also delicious!)

Grammy Jamieson sent Jace an Easter basket and he loved all his new goodies! Here he is checking out a slinky for the first time.
And he loved the Nerf football she got him so well that he insisted that it join him during his naptime. Hah!
I looked out my kitchen window the other day and saw this. I just smiled. This scene makes me happy.
Our baby is getting so big so fast! He will be 5 weeks old tomorrow.
I just love these two!
Have a great weekend friends!

P.S. I thought spring was officially here? It is rainy and in the 40's today... no fair!


a.tonagel said...

Happy Birthday to Greg from another Tonagel with that birthday looming in the future... ugh! We are getting old.
Glad everyone is feeling better. We are looking forward to tomorrow.

Auntie Jill said...

Jace and Will look like they are ready for their aunties to come visit!

Casie said...

So great to hear an update! Glad you guys are doing better...I think it must be a requirement or some sort of rite of passage to have a violently ill toddler when you have a new baby!! It's good you could laugh about it. Your little Will is too cute - 5! Time certainly goes quickly. He's looking so sweet and alert. Love it :)

Megan Tonagel said...

In a few of those pictures I thought Jace looked so much like Charlie! Gosh he is getting big... Make that stop please.

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