Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got milk?

We had a great day today. I am starting to feel much better and regain some of my energy (thankfully, because I need all the energy I can get chasing around my little monkey). My postpartum discomfort is subsiding now and I am feeling more and more like myself! Here are some pictures of the last day. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE spring and how glad I am that it is just around the corner?!

Here is Jace playing outside. I love the way he looks in a baseball hat. I had to snap a couple of photos.

Who do YOU guys think Will looks like?

He is such a sweet and snuggly baby. We adore him!
We took Jace to the park today to get out and burn some of that stored up energy. He had a blast bouncing on the teeter totter animals.
But he loves sliding down the slide even more! He wanted to do it over and over again!
I will leave you with this picture. Can you guess what's been going on at our house? I found him "pumping" in the living room today. Hah!
Oh and one more thing... here is a quick video of Jace on the slide.
Thanks for checking in!

Family of 4!


Beth said...

So funny! The pic of Jace is priceless. I hope it makes its way into a slide show at his wedding someday. I think Will looks like you, Amy!

a.tonagel said...

I don't think Will looks like a Tonagel yet. :) I'm sure he eventually will though!
Get that milk in the fridge Jace! Don't you know that stuff is like gold?!?!?! :)
cute pics.
Ok, I am coming on Friday. I will plan to leave my house by 10am.

Auntie Jill said...

Actually will does look like pictures of you as a newborn. You should take a look at your newborn hospital picture!!! Also I like Jace's Indians hat. I miss and love both my nephews!!!!!!!!!

dianne and bob said...

I bet Greg is studying this 'film' of Jace as much as the bball films!

Get lots of skin to skin time with Baby Will - it is one of my fondest memories....

and I agree with Amanda... get that milk in the frig!

Enjoy the time with your mom and when A comes on Friday.... Greg will be home soon (hopefully after lots of games!)

Jennifer, Eric, Isaiah, and Noah Heuer said...

Oh that pumping pic brings back such fond memories of just a few weeks ago! You are such a great momma! Your boys are adorable and yes Will looks like you!

Megan Tonagel said...

Could Jace be any cuter!?! I could watch that boy go down a slide all day, I just love him!

Megan Tonagel said...

Just watched that video again (eek-I need to stop!) and he looks just like greg when he walks with that one-arm-swing haha. Too cute.

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Betsy Spoor said...

um is it ok if I print off that photo of him pumping for my board at work on OB? Everyone would think it's hilarious!!!! I laughed for a good five minutes.

Erica and Nate said...

love the new pics. will is adorable. he definitely looks different than jace. i think he looks more like you. i also love that pumping picture. hilarious. glad to hear you are recovering well. has it been easier than the first time???