Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have never been a pregnant woman to make her husband run out and get a chili cheese dog late at night or grab a big ice cream sundae with all the fixings. I don't crave certain foods when I'm pregnant. I just love food. Any kind of food. And currently I have the worst sweet tooth EVER (I am usually more of a salt lover than sweet) and I can't seem to control myself. My weakness at the moment--snickers bars. I guess my son is having sympathy cravings for me too. Check out him begging for some candy at the ball game. Nothing like 2 pregnant women chowing down on chocolate bars. Oh, we're pathetic!


Jennifer, Eric, Isaiah, and Noah Heuer said...

I craved sweetness like crazy while I was nursing! I hope it gets better for you but at least while you're nursing, you'll be burning those calories! :) You look great! And that little Jace is just too cute for words!

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

that pic of you adn Jace is GREAT!... #1- you look gorgeous
#2- Jace's wide open mouth is hilarious!

Christy and Drew said...

I hear ya sister! I had a snickers at the game tonight!!! Something about pregnant and snickers that go well together! This post made me laugh. I love Jace's face!!!