Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am getting to that anxious point in my pregnancy and I am ready when he is! I know what to expect this time around and want to get it over with and meet my sweet baby! I think Jace is ready to meet "Bebe" too!
I love bread. Whoever is on a low-carb diet is totally missing out.
We set up Jace's "big boy" bed. He is not ready for it quite yet but we are slowly introducing him to it. He loves reading on it with Dad!
We had two games this week. Both in overtime. Lost one. Won one. Phew.
My mom came last week and we took advantage of the live-in babysitter! Greg and I went out a few times and enjoyed the time alone. Our lives are about to change big time. Thanks Mommy!

Jace is talking up a storm. He can basically repeat any word we ask him to say. Every time he goes #2 he immediately runs up to one of us and announces “I dink” (I stink).

I got my hair highlighted and I love being blonde again.

I woke up this morning and wished Greg a Happy Valentine’s Day. He responded “Thanks but Valentine’s Day was yesterday.” I thought, “Well if yesterday was Valentine’s Day then why didn’t I get so much as a V. Day wish?” I guess I won’t be expecting flowers or candy since Valentine’s Day is now February 13th and has already passed!

I love Sunday’s at home with my family.

Have a great week friends!


Joel/Mal ...Troy/Meg said...

Ohh Greg!! haha that cracks me up about VD. I can't believe that Jace is talking up a storm. I really wish I was there to here him say "I dink"!! how cute. Your hair is so beautiful! Anyways, miss and love you guys so much, hope everything is wonderful for will be here before you know it!
p.s. it is 6am...why am I on your blog? :)

a.tonagel said...

You must have forgotten that Jace already said "Happy Thanksgiving" about 3 months ago!!!!! I swear!!!
Cute yellow outfit! Love that color.

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Those are some cute pictures of all of you!! Can't wait to meet your baby!!!! Jace will love him so much!! I think he'll be the best big brother! Love you and see you like an hour :)

Auntie Jill said...

I miss him! Is your christmas wreath still up?

Darren said...

yes but the real question is, how'd the cakes turn out? Were they perhaps irreplaceable?

The Richards Family said...

That last picture with the hat on he looks like Charlie I think. You look great. Hang in there, you are getting close the big Birth-Day!! Court

如此的 said...


Joel/Mal ...Troy/Meg said...

I miss you guys, especially Jace! And please, cut that boy's hair!

Becky said...

jace is "so big!" cant believe you'll have two little boys here so soon. i bet it was so nice having your mom there to help out. we really are lucky!

you look beautiful amy! hope everything goes well. many thoughts and prayers going your wa.