Monday, January 4, 2010

Cookie Monster!

Jace and I had a conversation this morning that went something like this--

Me:  Jace are you excited to be a big brother soon?

Jace:  No.

Me:  Are you going to love brother?

Jace:  No.

Me: Are you going to show him how to obey Mommy and Daddy?

Jace: No.

Me: Are you going to teach him all about Jesus?

Jace: No.

Me:  Do you want a cookie?

Jace:  (Nods head yes)

Oh boy... as long as baby brother comes out a giant cookie, we should be in good shape!  We have a lot of work to do!

Here are my two hunter boys Saturday afternoon. They went for a little walk through the woods together.  Hey, I'm always up for a little father-son bonding if it means a house ALL TO MYSELF.  
Conked out after his long afternoon with Dad.  
He's my little cookie monster.  


amandatonagel said...

Greg looks thrilled in the first picture. :)
Jace's overalls are cute!
Don't worry he will be a great big brother!

Christy and Drew said...

I am sure he will be a GREAT big brother. He doesn't want to share his Mommy and Daddy! Drew is hoping for a boy so he can take our little one out like Greg does! So cute!

Joel/Mal...Troy/Meg said...

Amy what a cute post! I love how snuggly Jace is on Greg's chest! I can't wait for Will to arrive! Love you

Erica and Nate said...

Such a cute little conversation. I bet that was funny for you as it was happening! I love Jace in those overalls.

Megan Tonagel said...

Haha that post made me laugh!! I thought his no's mean yes'. Well, let's hope so or let's hope you birth a big chocolate chip cookie... No wait a monster cookie! Yummmmm :)

dianne and bob said...

New mantra:
Love the baby
Love the baby
Love the baby
Wanna cookie?

Hee Hee that was a cute post and the pictures are adorable. Just what I expected Greg to do as a Daddy: take him hunting.... and snuggle..... sweet!