Thursday, January 28, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

This past weekend Nana and Papa Tonagel took Jace home to La Porte while Greg and I, ahem, mostly I, worked on getting the house ready for the arrival of our next son!  In Greg's defense he IS smack dab in the middle of basketball season and is working really hard to prepare his team to win ball games.  Notice how I put him down and then lift him right back up?  That's what good wives do, right???  It was a much needed (and appreciated) break.  There was a good amount of relaxation time, productivity time, quality snuggling time, and kitchen time (baking, cooking, etc.) that went on while Jace was off eating banana bread at Nana's.  I thought I was going to miss the little booger so badly that I might have to drive up there a day early to pick him up but to my surprise, I not only survived the weekend but thoroughly enjoyed it!  I found myself humming and singing while doing chores.  I could make dinner from start to finish without anyone hanging on my leg begging for an early taste.  I could stay up a little later than usual and sleep in until my heart was content (except I couldn't sleep in because I am getting so HUGE that sleeping is growing more difficult).  When I finally reunited with Jace Tuesday night it was GREAT.  I am so happy to have him under our roof again.  Thank you Nana and Papa for taking such good care of Jace while I was off getting manicured and pedicured (and working of course)!  Love and appreciate you both!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big future.

Future Plumber? Ehh--possibly.   

Future Coach? Could be.

Future Wrestler? Maybe.

Present day angel? Most definitely.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

My sister-in-law Amanda came over Saturday (along with her hubs and 3 sons) and took maternity pictures of me.  It was something I wished I had done when I was pregnant with Jace so I wanted to make sure I did it this time around (and before I got TOO huge).  I didn't know how I would like them.  Would I cringe at all the unwanted marks that show up in photographs on my body or would I embrace those squiggly lines and my extremely protruding belly button?  I think the latter!  I loved the way the pictures turned out and am grateful that Amanda took the time to take them.  Thank you!!!  Don't you think she should do this for a living?  

BEWARE!  Bare Belly shots below for those who have a pregnant belly phobia (my husband for one).  I warned you...

Here I am "cooking" in the kitchen.  Amanda had bigger and better ideas for this part but I couldn't seem to pull it off :)  Sorry!  Maybe your next model can!  But I still love the picture!

This might be my favorite...

These were taken in front of the Indiana Wesleyan prayer chapel on campus.  

I was hoping to get Jace pictured with his baby brother but nap-time and all the excitement of his cousins didn't allow for that. 

Thanks again Amanda for taking the time to take our picture.   I will keep these forever!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here is an updated picture of my growing baby!  Everything continues to go well as far as the pregnancy goes other than the fact that I can't buy myself more time!  I can't believe how fast time is passing and my due date is in 7 short weeks.  I still have lots to do before this little munchkin arrives--move Jace out of his room and into a different bed or crib (still haven't decided), organize and finish his "big boy" room, pull out all my newborn/baby clothes and toys, and finally figure out a plan for Greg so he can be in attendance at the birth of our baby (due date falls over his national tournament, remember?)  With basketball season in full swing my weekends are busy and therefore FLYING by!  I better get to more working and less blogging so I can get some things crossed off my to-do list.

And just a quick shout out to my hubs (who will probably never get the shout-out because he never reads our family blog) for leading his team in setting the new record for most consecutive wins for men's basketball with 12 wins.  Our team is now 17-3 and playing well!

Hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend!  

Ciao friends!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy Moment

I just had one of those mothering moments that I never, ever want to forget.

It was a typical night at our house.  Greg gave Jace his bath while I tidied up some unfinished business around the house.  Greg took off for a basketball game (I told you, a typical evening at our house) and it was just Jace and me.  We put on jammies (oh how I love my little one in his jammies), read a few books, and turned off the lights.  So what made the night so memorable and special you ask?  I'm not really sure... perhaps it was the prayer we said together.  We thanked God for our home, our family, our health and protection (couldn't help but think of the Haitian people suffering right now) and thanked Him for dying for us on the cross and forgiving us when we are, well in Jace's terms, "naughty".  Maybe it was the way he said "Amen" (which in Jace language sounds more like a sneeze than an "Amen") at the end of our prayer that made me want to hold on to the moment.  Or perhaps it was admiring my son draped across my lap, legs hanging down that made me realize how fast he is growing and how quickly time is racing by.  Or maybe it was Jace's little brother nudging him from within me that made me enjoy rocking my two baby boys.  Or it could have been the way his sweet, small hands were gently laying on my chest or the way his shirt rode up in the back while I gently rubbed his bare, smooth back.  

Whatever it was, I loved it.  I love being a mom.  But I especially love being his mom.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got game?

Check out the moves of our future ball player (no pressure, son)!  He has better form than his Mama!  Enjoy friends!
Ok, so maybe he's not the next Larry Bird but you have to admit, the kid has potential.  Maybe the next Greg Tonagel?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tonagel Christmas

Our flight landed home late Christmas evening from our trip to Rhode Island.  The next morning (before I had a chance to unpack) Jace and I headed north to La Porte to spend a couple of days with Greg's family.  Unfortunately, Greg was stuck in Marion because of basketball practice.  Geesh, who makes his schedule (oh wait... he does!) 

We had a fun time visiting with the Tonagel crew even though Jace was suffering from a major case of diarrhea and a blistered bottom :(  We visited with the whole family (even the out-of-towners made it back for the holiday).  We ate, exchanged presents, played games, visited, went shopping, and ate some more.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful family!

Here are just a few pictures of our visit... I was slacking on my picture taking.

Here are Troy and Meg during the gift exchange. 
Jace and Troy watching some tube together. 
Aunt Megan spinning Jace around in the chair.  He got dizzy but didn't want her to stop!
Getting his bearings... 
Adios East Coast Tonagels!  Come back soon.... we miss you!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cookie Monster!

Jace and I had a conversation this morning that went something like this--

Me:  Jace are you excited to be a big brother soon?

Jace:  No.

Me:  Are you going to love brother?

Jace:  No.

Me: Are you going to show him how to obey Mommy and Daddy?

Jace: No.

Me: Are you going to teach him all about Jesus?

Jace: No.

Me:  Do you want a cookie?

Jace:  (Nods head yes)

Oh boy... as long as baby brother comes out a giant cookie, we should be in good shape!  We have a lot of work to do!

Here are my two hunter boys Saturday afternoon. They went for a little walk through the woods together.  Hey, I'm always up for a little father-son bonding if it means a house ALL TO MYSELF.  
Conked out after his long afternoon with Dad.  
He's my little cookie monster.  

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Newport

Here are some pictures from the Jamieson Christmas celebration.

We got there 2 days before Christmas and we very limited on our time!  We can't take a trip to Newport without Greg getting his New England clam chowder fix ... the man loves his chowda! We enjoyed some last minute shopping and a nice lunch out with sister Lauren and hubs Ben and brother Ben and fiance Kelley in Newport's downtown.  Grandma babysat while I pigged out on lobster bisque and a delicious fish sandwich.  Thanks Mom!  Here we are down by the wharf.
My sissy!
Hey, it takes a real man to wear pink.  Right Ben?!
Ahh... a meal without kids.  How fun!
Jace got special jammies to wear on Christmas Eve.  They looked so comfortable I wished I had a matching pair!  Here he is with his Auntie Jill.  Jill got to RI Christmas Eve so our visit with her was especially short but she and Jace really hit it off :)  And Greg and Jill hit it off too (he went up to from behind thinking it was me and gave her a kiss on the top of the head)!  HA! 
Here is Jace opening up his bat mobile from Uncle Darren.  Thanks Uncle D!
Our fam looking a little rough Christmas morning.  
Late church service + lack of sleep due to fussy child = what you see here.  
Auntie Jill, Aunt Lolo, and Jace providing our Christmas morning music for us.  
My family before we said our goodbyes :(  Our visits are usually short but ALWAYS sweet.  
Thanks everyone for a wonderful Christmas!!!