Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays...

Is Christmas morning always supposed to be chaos?  Ours sure was!  Our family celebrated Christmas at home on Tuesday December 22nd before catching our flight out east to visit the Jamieson clan.  We wanted to have our own, personal, family celebration before all the bigger festivities began.  Our Christmas morning went something like this...
Woke up before Jace and got the coffee started (I am turning into my parents!) and finished up some last minute wrapping.

Woke up our little munchkin and read him the Christmas story from the Bible--something Greg and I started our first Christmas together.

Opened presents!

Made a huge breakfast that could have fed a family of 8 but instead the 3 of us polished it off (hey, I count for 2 right?)

Tried to take in the beauty of the snow falling outside before heading to the airport bound for Rhode Island!

This is what Jace woke up to on our "Christmas" morning. 

He was totally John Deered out!  He got a new John Deere lawn mower...

A new John Deere tool set and tool belt...
I liked this picture because it shows Greg in action putting together Jace's new toy.  Isn't that typical of a Dad Christmas morning?  

Jace also received books, clothes (just what every 1 year old boy wants right?), and a snowsuit from us. 

Here he is enjoying his big breakfast with, of course, his new hammer (he insisted it remain on his tray while he ate).  
Finally, we made it to the airport!  I am ready for a nap at this point!  I am famous for overpacking but ever since they started charging for checked bags on airlines I have tried to just pack the necessities.  After I got done packing the minimal amount of clothes for me (atleast 2 outfits for each day of course), it left room for Greg to pack 1 under shirt, a pair of jeans, and a dress shirt.  Poor guy was stuck wearing the same thing everyday because of my need to overpack.  Anyway, our suitcase was allowed to be 50 pounds and we barely made the cut off!  I'm sure glad I didn't let him pack that second pair of underwear...
Here is Jace admiring all the airplanes.  He loves looking out those big windows onto the runways!  Maybe a future pilot in our midst?
And my two favorite people in the world!  I couldn't imagine spending my not-yet-officially-Christmas-day with anyone else.  

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Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Humorous luggage story. :)
Your Christmas as a family sounded great!