Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks!

We had a great Thanksgiving celebration this year! We got to enjoy a day of food preparation and relaxation at home on Wednesday and then took off for Greg's brothers house Thursday.  We spent the day at Ben and Amanda's house where we enjoyed visiting with family and eating delicious food!  Jace loved exploring all the new toys at their house and especially hanging around his older cousins!  It was fun seeing him interact with them.  He's becoming such a big boy!

Here are my boys enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  
Ben Tonagel carving the turkey.  Good work Big Ben!
Jace loved lounging out in the baby seat. 
Amanda's pretty dining room.  Hey Amanda, did you Charlie make that banner in pre-school? :)  Very cute!
Jace and his cousin Sawyer at the BIG BOY table.  I just got promoted to the adult table like 2 years ago and now my son is sitting at the kids table... crazy!

Like I said, Jace man loves his cousins.  Here he is snuggling with his oldest cousin Charlie.  How sweet!

We headed back to Nana and Papa Tonagel's and spent Friday with the immediate family. We had a little farewell party for Joel and Mal since they will be moving this weekend to Columbia, SC.  We will miss them so much!

Amanda nursing baby Brooks...
Mal, Amanda, and I before saying our farewells!  
Darn it, Joel and Mal, why do you have to go on and move just as Jace was warming up to you? We are very sad and will miss you A TON but also so excited for this adventure you are about to begin. Love you and can't wait to see you next! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'm off to get my house decorated for Christmas!  


Auntie Jill said...

he is such a big boy! looks like a fun thanksgiving! can't wait to see you guys!!!!

amandatonagel said...

To my credit I TRIED to do a cheap version of the Pottery Barn "Giving Thanks" banner. :) I know it ended up looking a little childish but I still like it. :) Plus mine only cost about $15 and P.B. is like $45!
We had fun this weekend also!
ps. nice leggings

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Glad you had a nice holiday!
I love that pic of Hugh with the grandsons... very fun.
Can't wait to see you and Jace soon... we come home tomorrow! (by teh way, Christian can say Jace!)

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

I think my favorite picture is of him lounging in the baby's seat :) Can't believe you are going to have another one in a few short months!!!!