Sunday, November 15, 2009


My name is Amy Tonagel.  And I'm a blogaholic.  That's right, I have a problem and it's gotten out of hand.  Our internet went out at home and you wouldn't believe all the work I got done!  I realized that I wasted a lot of my free time blogging, checking blogs of family and friends, and blog stalking (checking blogs of COMPLETE strangers).  So today, I, Amy Tonagel, admit that I am a blogaholic. 

Team Tonagel spent the weekend in Spring Arbor, Michigan for a basketball tourney.  The Wildcats won 1 out of 2 games.  Wasn't ideal, but I was glad to get a win before the 3 hour trip home!  Jace did great traveling and was quite the handful during the games.  I have a hunch that games will entail a lot less watching and a lot more chasing around a certain munchkin.  I did have a lot of good help in Tiffany and her mama--thanks girls for helping with Jace!  We did have a great time and enjoyed the family time!

Here's Jace with one of the coolest grandma's I know!
Jace wanted to show his little brother some love.  How sweet is he?!
This morning I walked into the kitchen to find Jace covered in orange juice and wearing Daddy's shoes.  He's a hoot!
And to all the animal lovers in my family, cover your eyes now.  I warned you!  Greg finally shot a buck this afternoon and wanted to show off his trophy with his son.  Good job honey!  

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 1 1/2 weeks away?! At the moment I am extremely thankful for a healthy 1 year old boy, a loving, hard-working husband, a smooth and healthy pregnancy and baby boy on the way, and for the best family ever! I could go on and on but I will leave that for a later post!

Bye friends!


urbanadventurertales said...

Ahhh! I think I'm permanently scarred from that photo of the deer! Not to mention the long-term damage it will do to Jace! j/k :) He does look disturbed in the pic, though...

Auntie Jill said...

Poor jace!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to spend more time with his East Coast family!

Nathan, Lisa and Baby Ethan said...

Ha as I am stalking your blog... of course through Laurie Penziol's my Best Friend.... I think its so funny that you put blog-aholic. I AM ONE AS WELL and it is amazing the things you can get done with no blogging for some days!!!!. Your little guy is so handsome and you have a fun-beautiful family! Congrats on your little boy to come.... thats awesome:)
I admit I follow your blog and Amanda's I love both of them....they are fun to read:)

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Nice blog. :)
Great pics too!--- made me giggle to myself.

amandatonagel said...

yup, totally a blogaholic as well. Ben thinks I stalk my own blog. I tried to explain that it is because then I can see if someone else has updated theirs! Sad that my day doesn't seem complete unless someone else has a new post or I make one myself.
ps Is it a rule that guys can't smile when posing with a dead deer? All the pics Greg sent he looks mad in.

dianne and bob said...

Fortunately, I am still a 'social' blog reader. Although I can't live without my computer in general. it went to the shop last week and I lasted less than 24 hours before I called the shop to see if I could come get it! LOL
I love all your pictures... the ones with G and J rough housing are classics! Jace loving on the baby was priceless!
and Amanda... you are right.. hunters never smile... they are trying to look manly! Jace is having a little harder time looking manly.... lol....
Enjoy the 16 weeks you have left to wait.