Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Campbell's Pumpkin Patch for our 2nd annual family outing. We had a great time spending quality time together! We picked out a pumpkin for Daddy, Mommy, Jace, and Jace's little brother!!!  Yes, you read that correctly, we are having another baby boy!  We couldn't be happier with this news and are thrilled that Jace will get a younger brother and this baby will have a great big brother in Jace!  Here are some pictures of our outing...

They have a really beautiful set-up on their pumpkin farm!  I just love making a trip there each year.  
Here we are bundled up (it was one of the coldest days this fall) on a tractor ride!  
And here they are on tractor ride #2...
Now isn't this fun Jace?!  As you can see, he had loads of fun (no really, he did)!  

He especially loved riding around in this cart.  We piled in all our pumpkins, haystacks, Indian corn, and pulled him around! 

Jace really does love being outdoors.  It's when he's at his happiest!
Here we are modeling our new pumpkins with their new home.  I think they will be very happy here :)  
And finally here is the big brother all cleaned up after a fun day with the fam!  He's  getting so big right before our very eyes.  We just love this little booger so much!
Bye for now friends!

P.S. He looks like Uncle Troy to me in this picture!


The Crivella Family said...

Congratulations on your new son! How exciting! He and Jace will have so many exciting adventures together that only brothers can have!

amandatonagel said...

Yea for boys! I love having my two boys so close in age. Don't get me wrong it is absolutely insane at times but also wonderful. They are going to be best friends!

JeffandTiffanyClark said...

Can't wait to meet little your new little one! But Jace will always have a special place in my heart! :) We'll just have to make some room for this new little one! Love to you all and so excited for your family!

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

Wow Jace looks so old in that last picture.
I adore his hat you got.... i need one that ties on like that!
And I love how everyone is bundled and looking cold... except for Greg--- does he have his own climate bubble? :)
I'm so glad you're havin' a boy!

Megan said...

Yeay we cannot wait to meet our new nephew! I hope he has a big round head and huge eyes just like Jace does... They will be the cutest brothers around! And I agree about the last picture. It reminds me of the family photo in Hugh and Kathy's room where Troy looks like a deer in the headlights- love it!

Ligia said...

Congrats! I had no idea it was another boy. Jace will love having another playmate around. And cute pumpkin patch pics. This season is starting to grow on me.

Shannon said...

Another boy! How fun! The good thing is that you won't have to buy as many new things! Jace will have so much fun with a brother. The pumpkin patch looks like fun!

RichardsFam said...

Wow! Great news...And cute pictures too. Congrats to your family. :)