Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Harvest Days!

We have enjoyed some nice fall weather lately.  We are trying to take advantage of going outside before those cold Indiana days hit.  Jace absolutely loves the outdoors!  Here are some pictures taken earlier this week of our little guy playing in our yard.

One of our basketball players rides a long board (like a skateboard but longer I guess) and he was giving Jace rides on it.  He was giggling like crazy--he loved it!
Our friends Amie and Ryan hosted a Halloween party Friday night and we enjoyed a night of out with our good friends!  There were about 10 couples there and all in costume!  Here are some pictures of my favorites... (unpictured were Peter Pan and tinker bell, pirates, and pilot and co-pilot).  

Greg and I were last-minute planners and dressed up as 80's aerobic instructors.  Pretty scary huh?
A baseball player and ump joined the party...
A couple of cowboys joined in the fun.  Yeehaw!
Bill and Monica in the house!
Shrek and Fiona (and our hosts)
And my favorite costume of the night... our Amish friends, the Henry's.  Don't they look natural?
We are (sort of) in transition from 2 naps to 1.  Yesterday he feel asleep sitting up in the shopping cart at the grocery store but unfortunately my camera was buried under my sleeping baby so I couldn't document this first!  But today, our tired boy fell asleep for the first time in his highchair! I took him out, changed his diaper, laid him down in his crib and the kid never budged!  I must say, it was pretty darn cute.  I did, however, get pictures of the highchair incident.  

 That's all for now friends!  

Happy Halloween!


Kathy Tonagel said...

that "sleeping in the high chair" picture really makes me laugh!!

Auntie Jill said...

haha! now where is jace's halloween costume?

amandatonagel said...

Great pictures! Those costumes are hilarious! The Henry's really do look Amish! (but can she make Etta's stuffing??!??) :)
I just told Joel yesterday that I think we should have a family Halloween party some year where we all dress up.

Shannon said...

You all look great! What a fun idea! Although I think an 80's aerobic instructor would have had really short shorts, but I'm glad Greg didn't go that route