Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cloth Diapering

So I have decided to give cloth diapering a try.  I have been very fortunate because a good friend of mine (Rachel Henry shout-out!) has lent me her supply of cloth diapers for the time being since she is in transition with homes and will not be needing them for couple of months.  This has been  SO nice because I can give them a whirl without making the HUGE investment in the beginning until I know this is something I can handle.  The first day was rough and included three #2's and a pretty bad diaper rash, but since then, not too bad!  I am beginning to enjoy the whole process (well not EVERY part that goes along with cloth diapering) but I must say I could give myself a nice pat on the back for lending the environment a hand.  This morning was trash-day and there were FAR LESS bags of diapers than usual.  Look how green I am!  

If things continue to go well I will take the plunge and buy my own cloth diapers.  Any recommendations out there?  Snaps or velcro?  Brand?  A cheap place to buy them?  Thanks!!

Oh, and the fact that he looks this cute in cloth diapers is just a perk!

P.S. I put Jace down last night at 6:50 pm and it is now 8:40 and he is STILL sleeping. (Hallelujah chorus playing in the background)

Bye friends!


Auntie Jill said...

he looks good in whatEVer he wears.... he's not wearing blue jeans! LOL.

urbanadventurertales said...

Good for you! I think I would've attempted cloth diapering if I didn't have twins. Maybe with the next one.
Love those chunky legs :)

Simon and Rachel Henry said...

so glad things are working out. :)
you haven't asked me about washing them yet...??? any problems there?

and i love the fun sizes, colors, and fonts in your post: oh the things we do when our children sleep longer than expected....

Kathy Tonagel said...

Cloth diapers? ICK. Sorry, I tried those 30 years ago with the first two but went to disposable diapers with the 2nd two. Papa Hughie was much happier. So when I'm babysitting can I bring Pampers???

RichardsFam said...

hi Amy,
I started cloth with Nolan part time and pretty much full time with Meredith unless we are out of town for the weekend or something. I actually don't mind. It saves us money, it is better for Meredith's little bum and it is good for the environment. Did you know that disposable sit in landfill for over 200 years? Anyway, I have tried a fews but my favorite to date are fuzzi bunz diapers. They are snaps which I think hold up better and last longer and they are really soft on baby bums and clean up nicely. I air dry mine, it is better. If you ask Amanda, she should have a Mothering Magazine from last year?, if she saves them that compare all the different cloth diapers the differences between them all. I have the magazine too so if you want I can mail it to you? Let me know, or you can call me also. Let me know, I would be happy to help you. I also just recently started making my own baby wipes. I can send you the recipe too if you are interested. Good Luck! It really isn't so bad like most people think. Courtney

amandatonagel said...

yup. I'm sure I have that issue. I don't throw the valuable "Mothering" mags out! :) Let me know if you want it.

dianne and bob said...

I used cloth for all my three- 30 -40 years ago LOL.... I remember there were disposable liners that helped with #2's. Plus a goofy looking holder thing that helped slosh them in the toilet bowl. You have to change them more often. No more all day in one diaper.... I would trust Mothering Mag.
Good for you for considering it!